After dominating the daily fantasy sports industry in the United States for years, DraftKings crossed the Atlantic and set up shop in the UK in 2016. This global expansion was accompanied by sponsorship deals with Premier League football clubs Arsenal, Liverpool, and Watford. The platform has since attracted thousands of sports fans by enabling them to compose their own teams and compete in virtual contests in a variety of sports.

Of course, it’s not all about the love of the game. Some are playing for the thrill of victory and others for lucrative cash prizes. That’s why we compiled a list of useful DraftKings tips for developing the winning strategy, whether you’re playing fantasy football, basketball, or hockey.

A Skill Game

For many daily fantasy sports fans, this is a game of skill rather than chance. It’s a complex affair involving extensive research on how to draft talent and manage your bankroll. DFS doesn’t come down to merely wagering on a particular game or team. The emphasis here is on building a successful squad with your favorite players, and there are millions of hypothetical combinations for creating the right lineup.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how to make money on DraftKings or DFS in general. Well, after you’re done putting together their dream team, you can pony up a few bucks to enter an online contest. Many of these competitions include hundreds and even thousands of other lineups and potentially lucrative prizes.

That being said, it’s important to divide your time between low-stakes and high-stakes contests. The key is learning how to manage your budget while analyzing the lineups of other competitors.

Here are a few useful tips regardless of which sport you choose to play:

1. Know the contest: In addition to its extensive selection of sports, DraftKings also offers a variety of different contests. These differ in everything from structure to cost. So, if you want to know how to win on DraftKings, the first thing you need to do is make sure you understand the format of the competition you’re entering.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to adjust your draft strategy and improve your chances of winning. For example, if you’re playing 50/50s (double-ups), your lineup should include players with high floors and good matchups. It’s also important to remember that you don’t need the very best lineup for these contests but one that scores in the top 40%.

On the other hand, one of the most important DraftKings lineup tips for a big payday in GPP tournaments is to pick an elite lineup in the top 1%. The GPP lineup should also include players with high ceilings.

2. Pick wisely: The key to success is smart money management. Stick to low stakes until you build your bankroll. When you’re ready to make some real money and take bigger risks, enter a high-stakes tourney.

Another important aspect of managing your budget involves picking low-cost, high-value players and saving enough money for the elite talent that you really want in your squad.

Interestingly, many fantasy players ruin their chances of developing a winning strategy for DraftKings simply by forgetting to check the injury report before making their lineups. Make sure you avoid this mistake at all costs by checking the players’ status before adding anyone to the team.

3. Understand the bonus structure: The bonuses on this platform can boost your earnings and improve your chances of winning. If your team or players hit certain numbers, you’ll be awarded extra points.

But our tips to win on DraftKings aren’t centered on bonuses. These are pretty tough to earn and generally come in handy when you’re playing 50/50s or in smaller competitions.

Draft multiple lineups: The name of the game here is diversification. Regrettably, there is no shortage of daily fantasy sports enthusiasts who believe there is only one optimal lineup. This exposes players to a significant amount of risk because no one can be certain of the outcomes.

We can often see the extent of the damage from this approach with those who fail to understand that the draft is nothing more than a game of probabilities. That’s why the best DraftKings tips for the NFL and other top sports leagues tell us to avoid spending fortunes on that one great player.

Sure, you can always turn to the NFL playoff predictor for all your game picks. But the final outcomes ultimately depend on a number of unforeseen factors, including preparation and the team’s ability to make adjustments. In other words, never assume your projections are flawless.

4. Keep an eye on the odds: Although many fantasy team owners don’t like them, odds can serve as useful tips to make money on DraftKings. Tracking betting lines and odds on leading sportsbooks can give you an edge over the competition when developing your fantasy sports strategy.

5. Learn from experienced daily fantasy players: Learning from those with more experience than you can always help you get ahead in life, and fantasy sports is no exception to this rule. Review projections from players who are high in the fantasy rankings, including fantasy pros. Analyze their bets and scores and try to understand their techniques. You should listen to their interviews, track their rosters and drafts, and try to figure out their DraftKings secrets.

Although these tips come in handy in any fantasy sports contest, some are especially useful in football. But considering the level of interest in basketball and hockey on the DraftKings platform, we decided to add a few more tips tailored to these sports.

NBA and NFL tips

Before diving into fantasy basketball or any other type of game, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the scoring system. With NBA Classic, the scoring breaks down as follows: a made 3pt shot is +0.5 Pts, a rebound is +1.25 Pts, an assist is +1.5 Pts, and a steal is +2 Pts.

You’ll find the complete scoring system and all the rules for individual games on the DraftKings website.

NBA DraftKings tips direct our attention to the correlation between the number of minutes the player spends on the court and fantasy points. In other words, you should avoid rostering players with low minutes played.

Also, watch out for hot streaks especially if the player’s price rises on the DK platform. These players shouldn’t be central to your strategy. In addition, you should be skeptical about fielding players who had a couple of good games but are still below average.

DraftKings NBA tips can be helpful in setting lineups as well. Statistics show that in the NBA, there is more late news than in any other sport. As such, setting your lineup as late as possible can increase your chances of success and help you secure a higher place in the DK NBA rankings.

Understanding NBA stats, such as the percentage of players that finished on the court, missed a shot, and turned the ball over, can significantly improve your odds of winning. These little things are useful tips and tricks for DraftKings. They show you which players have the highest possession and which ones can help you rack up those fantasy points.

Aside from football and basketball, fantasy hockey is another favorite on the DK platform. But before choosing the players for your roster, make sure you understand how your league is set up, how many people are in it, and which positions are the best for the game.

You also need to be familiar with the basics of roster construction. NHL DraftKings tips underscore the importance of understanding player positions, which in this case consists of centers, wingers, defensemen, and goalies.

Unlike with some of the aforementioned sports, your NHL lineup will be constructed of players from only two or three teams, and you won’t have to keep an eye out for last-minute roster changes like in the NBA.

Fantasy hockey is also unique when it comes to the number of games being played. Some nights are packed with action, while others may have as little as two games on offer. One of our most important DraftKings hockey tips concerns your budget. Regardless of how many games are on offer, you should never spend more than 5% of your money on any given night.

Other entertainment options

While dominating the daily fantasy sports world, DraftKings also expanded its casino and sportsbook in recent years. Available on both mobile and desktop, the site offers everything from your favorite casino games, like blackjack and roulette, to a one-stop destination for all your betting needs.

Learning how to beat DraftKings may not be easy. But the platform offers everyone a fair chance to win while boosting your odds with generous bonuses.


What is the best strategy for DraftKings?

There are many techniques that can help you create a winning strategy on DK. The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the scoring system of the game you’re playing and make sure you understand the format of the contest. You should also pick your draft talent and manage your bankroll wisely.

How do you win more on DraftKings?

To learn how to win on DraftKings, you need experience, not just with DK but with online betting and gambling in general. Having a background in online betting and knowing how to study betting lines and odds can be very useful. It’s important not to spend too much time and money on games with high buy-ins. Instead, focus on low-stakes and gradually build your bankroll. Then you can try your luck with bigger tournaments and competitions.

Can you really win money on DraftKings?

The short answer is yes. DraftKings operates on a simple premise: you compile your team with a certain budget and then pay to enter contests with other lineups where you can win cash. Whether you’re working on developing a winning DraftKings football strategy or delving into other sports, research is key. Check the odds and learn from more experienced players.

How hard is it to win DraftKings?

If you are a newbie, you’ll need some time to learn the ropes. Remember to avoid head-to-head leagues in those early stages as you’re likely to face highly skilled fantasy sports contestants. Develop a strategy that’s based on knowledge and experience rather than luck. Check out our list of DraftKings tips to learn everything you need to know.