Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains in detail how the staff at PuntForFree use and protect all of the information gathered on visitors to our website. The data outlined on this page pertains to the collection and reporting of personally identifiable user information.

What Information Is Collected?

The personally identifiable information that we collect includes, but is not necessarily limited to, your name and the email address you supply. We never collect any such information without your express consent.

We also collect some non-sensitive information about our users and website visitors. This includes data such as user behaviour patterns (which pages get frequented, for example), the number of website visits, and the computer IP addresses of our visitors. This is purely statistical data, which includes no personally identifiable information. This type of information is collected through the use of cookies, which is a standard industry practice employed by many websites to enhance the user experience. You can find out more about how cookies work by reading our Cookie Policy below.

Our website contains many links to other websites. As per our Terms and Conditions, we have no control or influence over what happens on external websites. As such, we cannot be held responsible for ensuring the privacy of any information that you willingly or unwillingly divulge to those third-party websites.

How Is the Collected Information Used?

The data collected on our website is used only for the specific purposes outlined below. These purposes will be clearly communicated to you whenever we ask you to provide any information. Promotional content will never be sent to your email address without your express consent. The information we collect may be used to:

  • Answer any questions that you have regarding the content on our website
  • Tailor our site’s user experience to your preferences by creating content that is most relevant to your needs and ensuring that our website is intuitive
  • Handle potential complaints or settle disputes

Who Is the Collected Information Shared With?

We will never sell, rent, or otherwise distribute collected information about our users. The personally identifiable information that we collect may be disclosed to or shared with third parties only under the following circumstances:

  • If we are compelled to do so by existing or future UK laws
  • In order to protect the rights and property of PuntForFree
  • If we detect fraudulent activities or illicit behaviour
  • If any harmful or threatening behaviour by our users aimed at others can be inferred through their communication on our website

Cookie Policy

Cookies are very small files placed on your storage devices by our web server. They are uniquely assigned to each user and are not capable of infecting your computer with any malware or viruses. They also cannot run any background programmes or modify anything outside the look of our website on your computer, which is their primary purpose.

You can elect to accept or decline them, but be aware that most web browsers come with cookies enabled by default. Disabling them requires manually modifying your browser’s settings. Just keep in mind that doing so will affect your experience on any website you visit, not just ours.

Disabling Cookies

To get rid of cookies, you must follow instructions specific to the browser that you are using. The following links contain information on how to disable cookies in each of the six most popular browsers.