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Handicap Betting – Your Personal Guide

If you’re a newbie in the betting world chances are you are having trouble...

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accumulator bet puntforfree

What is an Accumulator Bet? Accumulator Betting 101

As betting evolved and became a favoured activity for millions of people worldwide bookmakers...

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bet types puntforfree

Bet Types 101 – All You Need to Know

When you think about sports betting you probably think about fixed odds wagering as...

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betting strategy featured image

Devising a Betting Strategy To Improve Your Odds

You can employ a whole list of betting strategies to make a profit and...

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Gambling in Sports: A Different Sort of Game

Throughout history sports betting was either freely practised or restricted...

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Golf Betting Guide – All You Need to Know

There are lots of ways to bet on golf. Here’s a brief introduction to...

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