horse racing betting guide puntforfree

Horse Racing Betting Guide

Horse racing tips betting suggestions and a glossary of common terms.

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banker bets guide puntforfree

How To Use Banker Bets

Banker bets can be a good way to increase your chances of winning.

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prop bets guide puntforfree

Prop Bets: A Complete Guide to Unusual Bets

The events you bet on don’t have to directly influence the final outcome of...

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futures betting puntforfree

Futures Betting – The Ultimate Guide

These kinds of bets are straightforward with plenty of potential to generate profits. In...

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spread betting puntforfree

Spread Betting: What Is It and How Does It...

A push in point spread betting refers to outcomes when the final result of...

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forecast bet guide puntforfree

Placing a Forecast Bet – The Rundown

Although it’s usually associated with horse racing and greyhound racing forecast betting can be...

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overs and unders - featured image

Overs and Unders – What Kind of Bets Are...

Totals or overs and unders try to bet on the total number of points...

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each-way bet guide puntforfree

Making an Each-Way Bet: All You Need To Know

At its core an E W bet is a combination of a win and...

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show bets guide puntforfree

Everything You Want to Know About Show Bets

What are show bets? Is there a difference between show and place bets in...

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double bet

Double Bet Guide

A double is a simpler version of a multi bet. It essentially consists of...

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what is single bet

What is a Single Bet?

A single bet is a type of bet you place for a single outcome...

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place betting

A Beginner’s Guide to Place Betting

Place betting is one of the bet types that is most commonly used in...

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handicap betting puntforfree

Handicap Betting – Your Personal Guide

If you’re a newbie in the betting world chances are you are having trouble...

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accumulator bet puntforfree

What is an Accumulator Bet? Accumulator Betting 101

As betting evolved and became a favoured activity for millions of people worldwide bookmakers...

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bet types puntforfree

Bet Types 101 – All You Need to Know

When you think about sports betting you probably think about fixed odds wagering as...

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gambling scams featured image

All You Need to Know About Gambling Scams

The online world is flooded with all sorts of betting scams. Learn how to...

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mma betting guide featured image

2024 MMA Betting Guide to Master the Game

MMA betting has never been more favoured with the number of MMA bettors and...

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football betting stats featured image

Football Betting Stats Every Bettor Needs to Know

Some bettors have mastered analysing football betting stats which has helped them win many...

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esports betting guide featured image

Ultimate Esports Betting Guide

If you’re thinking about getting in on the action it’s a good idea to...

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